M.Tech Civil Engineering

M.Tech Civil Engineering

Civil engineering discipline deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of naturally and artificially built physical environment including works like roads, highways, railways, bridges, tunnels, canals, dams, airport runways and terminal, as also all kinds of structures, water supply, sewerage systems, power plants, disaster management etc.

Undergraduate programs (B.Tech courses) focus more on the core principles of engineering whereas, graduate programs (M.Tech courses) teach students advanced level engineering functions of specific fields and place thrust on management philosophies and project management skills. Therefore, knowledge imparted in graduate programs allows students greater access to technologies that are not usually taught in undergraduate programs. There is substantial weightage attached to the research work also on allied topics. It provides wide spectrum of understanding in solving complex engineering problems with confidence and ease.

By pursuing a master's degree in engineering, students can gain major momentum in career advancement. With graduate degree in engineering, engineers attain skills and get opportunity to be team leaders, supervisors and managers. The potential for high salaries and challenging responsibilities make a graduate degree in engineering a huge benefit. Most companies will also pay a higher salary to employees with master's degree to compensate for their time and commitment to engineering.

The faculty of Civil Engineering Department expects its student to perform at high academic level The Department has an advisory council, having members from teaching. The council meets at least once in a semester to review and evaluate performance of the department and offer advice in needed areas. Arya is one of the Best Civil Engineering colleges in Jaipur, rajasthan.



  • Advanced building Construction work
  • Advance Surveying
  • Professional Practice and construction Management
  • Building Construction software
  • Auto cad and staad-pro design
  • Building planning according to VASTU
  • Theory of computation
  • Laboratory testing


Faculties take extra care of the students the knowledge delivery process throughout the course period. These dedicated and concentrated efforts have culminated in obtaining 100 % results. For these best results our faculty ensures complete learning of the student by providing:

  • Digital Notes as well as hard copy notes: (digital notes are available at aryanotes.com)
  • Guess papers
  • By taking regular test and assignments


SDC & CRT cells are a group of professionals who ensure all round development of the students. These cells not only focus on students' technical skills but also on personality, communication skills and other skills, culminating in a fully groomed unit who is ready to face every aspect of life.


18 in civil Engineering Department

Departmental Labs

Material Testing Lab with 80 MT Computerized Testing and other testing machines. Geotechnical Lab Structure Engineering Lab
Survey Lab Environment Lab Concrete Lab
Road Material Testing Lab Fluid Mechanics Lab Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machine Lab
Geology lab Civil Engineering Material Lab Building Planning Design Lab
Computer Aided design Lab