Innovative Practices

Innovative Practices

From its very inception, Arya College of Engineering and Research Centre (ACERC) has strived to follow many innovative and ideal practices that aim at the holistic development of students as well as promote quality and excellence in all areas of its activity.

1. Deliberate planning and team work approach for Institutional Progress.

Planning is envisaged for every possible development activity in the College. The planning is done after a series of discussions and brain-storming sessions with experts in various fields. Continuous monitoring, evaluation, and modification based on various internal and external factors are the essence of the strategic plans.

2. IT Integrated Solutions in Labs and Library.

Full automation is planned to be introduced in all services in the college. From Payment of fees, taking of library books, access to general information, students' performance data to class notes is sought to be provided through internet and intranet.

3. Critical Week Preparatory course for weaker and other interested students

Students joining the college are given a Critical week preparatory course of few days duration in difficult engineering subjects after the regular classes conclude for each semester. This helps in enhancing their self-confidence and preparedness for the subjects and the forth coming examinations.

4. Employability skills development training

All students are exposed to various skills needed to secure and sustain a challenging job. Such skills include communication skills, presentation skills, team work skills, leadership qualities, work ethics, quality and environmental awareness etc..

5. English maintained as medium of communication in the college campus

A Language lab is set up in the college to help students to learn good English and practice correct pronunciation. Regular English classes are also arranged for students having problems in communicating in English.

6. Departmental Clubs

Every Department has its own Club under which students take up many Resaerch and Developmental activities from time to time. Faculty guidance and assistance is provided for all such activities.

7. Fully trained Faculty Members

All freshly selected Faculties are exposed to an Induction Training at the time of their joining. They are also given training in laboratory work before they are given laboratory teaching. Faculties are being regularly motivated to attend Conferences, seminars and various training sessions organized in reputed institutions in India. Also, regular Faculty Development Programs, faculty enablement programs and peer enablement programs are organized in regular Intervals to sustain and enhance knowledge and exposure.

8. Incentives for Teachers

Various cash and other incentives are given to teachers to encourage efficiency and quality in their work. Awards are given to three teachers in every branch and year for their performance in teaching and other activities.

9. Vision, Mission, Quality Policy and Value System defined for the college

A clear vision, mission, quality policy and Value system are defined for the college from the very beginning and these are exhibited prominently at the college lobby. In addition, every department and section in the college have their own mission and vision.

10. Priority for Value Education

The college gives top priority for inculcating in students and staff proper values, work ethics, discipline, accountability, punctuality, eco-friendliness and energy and water conservation.

11. All sports, games and other recreation facilities provided

Every facility for sports and games are provided in addition to gymnasium facilities .

12. Beautiful, neat and eco-friendly campus

The campus is kept absolutely clean and tidy with beautifully landscaped gardens and avenue trees.

13. Every talent and innovation promoted 14. Aiming at holistic development of students

In addition to giving academic training to students, the college organizes a series of activities and training programmes for the physical, mental, moral, spiritual, social and cultural enrichment of students.

15. Uniform for students

The college has prescribed attractive and elegant uniforms for its students & Faculty Members. The uniform gives them an identity both in the campus and outside. They wear their identity cards regularly and proudly.

16. Fully Residential College

The college has beautiful residential facilities where all students requiring hostel accommodation are provided accommodation in hostels in the campus in two seated and three seated rooms.

17. Guest House & Staff quarters

To accommodate faculty in the campus, Well equipped Staff quarters are there in the Campus . For Guest and Parents, a fully furnished Guest House with State of the Art amenities in provided in the college campus.