Ensuring Employability

Ensuring Employability

Arya College of Engineering and Research Centre(ACERC) continuously has proved to be the Best Placement Colleges in Rajasthan with handsome salaries added with incentives and other benefits. Moreover, the College has been featured as the biggest and best campus for centralized drives. Apart from it, the college organizes various other programs for ensuring employability for the benefit of students like:

Pre - Placement Talk

Corporate guests are invited to the campus to conduct pre-placement talks. Arya initiates various opportunities for students which enable the students to give an idea about the recruiting organizations and opportunities available within these. It also gives students the chance to interact with employees of the company and learn more about the work culture which ensures best Placements for the students. Based on these talks, students decide if they wish to apply to those organizations.

Seminars & Guest Lectures

To maintain regular interactions with the Industry and to keep the hands full on experience with the Industrial updates, a regular mechanism of organizing Seminars , Workshops , Webinars and Guest Lectures is maintained. This help the students to acquire the right set of skills and acquaintances much before they really step in the Industry as a robust work force.

Rigorous Technical Training

Acute care is taken to bridge the Industry Academia gap by upgrading each and every student with the latest and best knowledge of trends and requirements of the Industry. Imparting Technical Training with the Organized Industry experts .Various training programmes for students are conducted to improve the performance of students in job market.

Microsoft , IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Infosys, Wipro and many more are our regular Training Partners.

On Line Assessment Tests

Continuous Assessments on a professional platform are undertaken to provide high value for recruitment, promotion and analysis purposes. Modules range from Aptitude, Skill/Knowledge and Personality Testing and work on large statistically rated question bank powered by our robust Adaptive Testing engine.

Corporate Recruitment Training

Corporate training is a special form of guidance and education which is aimed at improving the skills of students and to increase their performance by putting focus on professional development.

Corporate Recruitment Training Program enhances the Employability Skills of a Fresher through systematic and structured approach with appropriate Mentorship at every step of learning. It focuses on and enhances mainly the five key employability skills:

1. Aptitude
2. Communication
4. Interview
5. Resume Preparation

Different forms of corporate recruitment training are incorporated which include computer training, leadership training, interpersonal skills, diversity, customer service, communication, organization, time management and sales.