Arya College of Engineering & Research Centre

We are probably living in one of the most exciting periods in the history of mankind. Technological innovations are occurring at a breath-taking pace, irrevocable changing the way we live, work and communicate, horizons are expanding, even as the world is shrinking. Distance is no longer relevant. And in today’s borderless world, what happens thousands of miles away is also inextricably linked to you.

Yes, these are indeed exciting times to live in. they are also the most challenging times. Successding in these changing in the blink of an eye times demands new knowledge, new training, new skills. This then, is what the Arya College of Engineering & Research Centre, the flagship institution of the Arya Group of Colleges, aims to do prepare you for tomorrow’s challenges through contemporary courses, relevant training and future proof skills.

And even as we celebrate and embrace change, we understand that some things should never change like the values of honesty and integrity, the attributes of teamwork and leadership, the passion for excellence. The environment at Arya College of Engineering & Research Centre, therefore, has been carefully created to encourage the blossoming of not just world-class, future ready engineers but global citizens with a sound value system.